Welcome to JT's Site!

JT Whitehall used to pass the time writing slash fan fiction. When a friend suggested writing an original story and offered assistance with ePublishing, he decided to give it a shot. His first story, A Shot of Jack, sold well with DLP Books and JT continues to receive kind notes from readers.

JT's work doesn't allow him to crank out lots of work, but he writes when he has the time. JT writes gay erotic fiction - mostly contemporary, but he has dabbled in other genres. He loves the short story format, but has made a goal of writing a novel.

JT doesn't do the social media thing - not because he's anti-social (he can't be, he works in the restaurant industry) but because his time is limited. He'd rather spend it writing so you can have something to read. He will, though, answer any mail from readers.

Please have a look at JT's site for information on his stories.