Silver Wings

Silver Wings: Homoerotic Steampunk Adventures
with Mahalia Levey, Cari Z., and Ross Baxter

Kindle ~ ARe

Wayward cowboys with mechanical toys, an enterprising post-Civil War pleasure seeker, lovers conflicted in flight, and a lonely inventor whose salvation washes up on the shore of Penzance...these stories of passion in the time of steam are guaranteed to set fire to your sense.

Silver Wings, an anthology of M/M and bi-male steampunk, features works by Cari Z., Mahalia Levey, Ross Baxter and JT Whitehall, edited by Phaze bestseller Leigh Ellwood.
I wrote "Surface Tension" specificly for this anthology, put together by Leigh Ellwood for Phaze Books. While I've read and enjoyed a variety of genres, I hadn't before tried to write historical fiction, and Leigh's call proved to encourage me to broaden my horizons.

"Surface Tension" is about a Civil War naval officer who takes a serious wrong turn from American history and washes up on the shores of Penzance in a submarine. He's obviously in no hurry to get home, and his new friend Shel - a tinkerer - hopes to learn more about this giant beast beached near his holiday home. That's not the only thing he wants to get inside!